grump cat new yearToday is New Year’s Day, and we’ve just completed the annual ritual of asking one another “what are you doing for New Year?” Having self-diagnosed as Asperger’s, this introduces a new dimension to why I don’t like New Year.

“Don’t get” is probably more accurate than “don’t like”. I have been to several New Years parties and pretended to feel the sense of anticipation for the arrival of the stroke of midnight. When it finally arrives, everyone lets out a cheer of excitement and the singing starts and fireworks get launched. To me, the minute before midnight seems to be exactly the same as the minute after. Absolutely nothing different happens. Certainly nothing that should cause any kind of excitement. I wonder what on earth goes through someone’s mind when they get so excited about the prospect of that particular moment in time advancing from future to present to past. After all, this process is happening all the time without anyone having any sense of wonder at all. So what’s different about midnight on New Years Eve?

Once upon a time I used to like to think that my indifference to New Year was due to me being well grounded and insightful. Since I discovered Asperger’s Syndrome and the possibility that I might have it, it has occurred to me that perhaps, in fact, I lack the actual capacity to appreciate the emotional side of New Year that so many other people seem to experience. I am far from being an unemotional person, so what’s going on here? Is this something linked to Asperger’s?

Do you have a view on this? Comment below please!!